Ethical codes

IBSA Institut Biochimique AG is a private pharmaceutical company founded in 1945 by a group of Swiss biologists. IBSA, which is headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland, began its activities nationally but quickly became a globally consolidated group (below the “Group” or the “IBSA Group”).

The mission of the IBSA Group Companies is to conceive and develop solutions that meet consumer needs, while improving the safety and effectiveness of their products designed to prevent and treat certain diseases and consequently improve people’s health and quality of life.

The Companies that make up the Group carry out their activities in compliance with the principles set out in this Group Code of Ethics (below the “Code of Ethics”), in the belief that respect for the law and the principles and values enshrined therein are essential conditions for the company’s operations.

The Group, which is committed to the continuous pursuit of excellence in the performance of its business activities, has decided to lay down a series of ethical principles and rules of conduct in this document, designed ensure that its operations are guided by respect for business ethics, within a corporate culture where compliance with the law and the principle of lawfulness are considered essential conditions, also to protect its image and reputation on the market.

Through its Code of Ethics, the IBSA Group intends to define and disseminate the values and principles of fairness, loyalty, integrity and transparency, as guiding elements of the conduct of its corporate bodies, employees and all those who work to achieve the objectives of the Group Companies. Conduct in violation of these principles shall not be justified in any circumstances, even if pursued with the intent of acting in the interest of the Company and/or procuring a benefit for it.

Download here the whole Code of Ethics.