IBSA Pharma Kft perform high ethical behaviour considering the current legislation in Hungary.
IBSA helps the transparent and high-quality patient care with their permanent communications with Health Care Professionals and Organisations.
Our well-known international company has partners with private and governmental companies in Health Care System.
All the activities of IBSA Pharma Kft done with responsibility and in compliance with the requirements of the Transparency Codex.

The Codex is the result of the self-control and regulation of the pharmaceutical industry. 
IBSA Pharma Kft. publish transparently all supports gathered in every category which given for the Hungarian Health Care Organization (HCO) and Health Care Professionals (HCP) practicing in Hungary, according to the Codex Guideline on yearly basis.

Those benefits are included which are given directly or indirectly to HCP or HCO in relation with prescribed medicine (RX).

IBSA Pharma Kft is committed to follow the Hungarian Transparency Codex.

Employees are dedicated to give useful information to specialist, health care centres, patients on correct and proper administration of medicine to achieve the most effectiveness and safety in treatment of different diseases.

This good cooperation allows innovation and increase the quality of education and to be able to identify the patients’ needs.

IBSA Pharma Kft. fully agree and support the initiatives of EFPIA - as member of the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM) in Hungary- consider mandatory for themselves, so donations are published in details by category in the middle of the following year. 
The publication lists the name of HCP and HCO with the donated amount according to the Transparency Codex.
Data published based on voluntary contributions by receivers without violation of GDPR. That is why IBSA Pharma Kft ask the HCPs voluntary contributions on publishing their data each time for each case and the amount in advance.
In case Health Care Professional does not contribute to appear on the list with his/her name and the amount, then donations are summarized without name in the publication.
The contribution of Health Care Organization must be asked on the amount or other support got directly by themselves too in advance. The value appears that case is without VAT and Tax and free of Health Care contribution. 

The publication does not include in compliance of pharmaceutical law:

  • gifts of small value
  • materials related to medical practice
  • tools/devices for educational purposes
  • benefits related to non-prescription medicines only
  • free medical samples
  • low value hospitality
  • and does not include charity organizations.

The published category can be the followings:

  • donations
  • events participation 
  • congress registration fee
  • travelling and hotel cost
  • other agreements in connection with the event
  • benefits arising in connection with consultancy contract (eg. lecturer assignment)
  • benefits related to research and development

The purpose of data management is to ensure that pharmaceutical companies comply with their obligations under the Codex. IBSA Pharma Kft. is obliged to keep the data for 3 years and make it available for public primarily in Hungarian and secondarily in English.
Publications include the time and place of publication within the European Union. Published reports are in the currency of the represented country (HUF).